It’s no secret that I love photographing pregnant bellies. I love capturing this time in a woman’s life that is so precious. My beautiful friend and amazingly talented photographer Emily asked me to photograph her last week. It’s always nerve racking photographing another photographer. Even thought Em is my good friend I was still nervous. We decided to do an urban shoot in Downtown San Diego. Most of the time I don’t venture too far into downtown. I think the furthest I go in is Little Italy ( which we did go to as well). I’m not a huge fan of the hustle and bustle of downtown. I am SO glad Emily suggested an urban shoot. I loved being outside of my comfort zone. I quickly warmed up and we had a BLAST!! I love Emily and am so privileged to be a part of her life.

Along with showing you my beautiful friend, I thought I would also take the opportunity to also share the new Totally Rad Lightroom Presets with you. I will try to include what I did to these images for you to see how awesome these new presets are :)

All are TRA presets unless otherwise noted, which I tried to do :) I am having such fun playing with them!


This post is picture heavy so grab a coffee and get comfy. :)

I didn’t use any presets here, just Select O Pop from the second TRA set


Another TRA action, Green with Envy and Pro Retouch


For the first image I used presets: A Beginning|Strong, and then reduced the orange in LR by -35. The second image I used: A Beginning | Medium, Auto Contrast and reduced orange by -31.

I used preset: Bitchin Camaro Lite


Brightside | Strong, Auto Contrast then I adjusted the orange -35 and bumped the contrast -27

Brightside Lite, Electric Skies Medium and Auto Contrast. I love how Electric skies pops the sky!

Auto Tone, Brightside Strong, Auto Contrast, Tone Mulletron 3000 Lite, Vignette Leonardo

A Beginning Medium, Phils Shadows Lite, Mulletron 3000 Lite, Vignette Sloppy Seconds

Mulletron 3000 Lite, Vignette Donatello for both of these

Purple Nurple Lite, used Green with Envy for LR on trees

Mullerton 3000 Lite, Vignette Donatello

I know this image isn’t technically perfect but I LOVE it!!

Brightside Lite, Purple Nurple Lite

Auto Exposure, Auto Tone, Mulletron 3000 Lite

A Beginning Medium, Auto Contrast, Mulletron 3000 Lite, Vignette Donatello

Auto Brightness, Highlight Hero|Strong, Afternoon Delight, Vignette Michaelangelo

Auto Brightness, Highlight Hero Lite

Landscape Strong

Mulletron 3000 Lite, Vignette Michaelangelo

Mulletron 3000 Lite, Vignette Michaelangelo

Auto White Balance and Brightside Lite


To my beautiful friend Emily, I am so excited for you! Thank you for sharing your friendship with me and being such a wonderful friend. Congratulations!! xo





If you are curious to see the Before and Afters of some of these images I posted some on Clickin Mom’s :)