It’s no secret how much I love Totally Rad Actions. I’ve been using them for over 4 yrs now. Editing images can be a daunting task, but Totally Rad makes my life so much easier. If their product line wasn’t already amazing enough, they just came out with another new product called Rad Lab. I was fortunate enough to have been a beta tester for Rad Lab and have enjoyed using it for the last few months. I really love what it can do, so I thought that I would share my love of Totally Rad by showing some Before and After’s from Amber and Grant’s engagement session.




The coolest thing about Rad Lab, is that you can see a preview of what your image will look like with a particular ‘stylet’. A stylet is basically Rad Lab’s version of an action, or preset ( in LR ). You can see below what one image would look like with a bunch of different stylets. There are a bunch of other ones that aren’t shown in the screenshot as well. Just like their regular actions, you can adjust the opacity of certain stylets. PLUS, you can run stylets on top of each other to get more cool effects. Once you create a recipe you love you can save the stylet to use over and over again. It’s so easy to use.



It’s so easy to be around Amber and Grant. The weather in San Diego had been beautiful, but the day of Amber and Grant’s engagement session it decided to look like it would rain. When I met up with them we commented about the crazy weather. A lot of times my clients are nervous when the skies are grey, but not Amber and Grant. They are such optimistic spirits and happily went along with whatever I threw at them. At one point I forgot I was working. It felt like I was hanging out with old friends at the beach.

Normally I like a more clean, bright edit but I was feeling that these deserved a more warm, vintage-like edit.




AFTER: I used TRA Pro retouch then I took the image into Rad Lab and used Meadowlark  and Lights On

I love the laughing in this image. They smile and laugh all the time with each other.




AFTER:  I brought the image into Rad Lab and used Meadowlark and Lights On. Then I brought it back into PS and used Green with Envy on the greenery and Yin on the water






AFTER: Rad Lab Meadowlark and Lights On and then back into PS for Yin on the background


AFTER: cloned out plant on her face. Pro retouch. In Rad Lab I used Highlight separator , Oh Snap, POS lens


AFTER: Rad Lab Meadowlark and Lights On. In PS I used Pro Retouch, and Yang under his eyes

I love this image of them :)




AFTER: In Rad Lab I used Lux|Soft, Fuzzy Navel and Oh Snap



AFTER: Rad Lab Meadowlard and Lights On. I cloned out the distractions in the background in PS and used Yang on his eyes

At the end of the session we went the rooftop of where Grant works to try to get some fire shots. It was fun :)



AFTER: Rad Lab Get Faded Winter. In PS I used Select O Pop on them and Yin on the background.


Thank you so much Amber and Grant for such a fun evening. I really enjoyed hanging out with you both!!


To check out Totally Rad actions and Rad Lab go HERE




  • this looks awesome, I was curious about these but how do they work, is it within photoshop or its own program? I get so easily confused with new things